Voluntary Products Overview

We have researched and selected a high quality collection of voluntary insurance plans that will make important health protection affordable for just about every employee.

Our ongoing work to seek and identify providers and policies that give employees the greatest value for their insruance dollar has earned us the respect of many municipal governments, and given many people in North Carolina the added security they need.

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  • 1 Permanent Life
    This plan protects you and your family and is portable upon leaving your employment.
  • 2 Disability Insurance
    Your income is protected by being supplemented when you are out of work due to disability.
  • 3 Cancer/Critical Illness
    The combination of these plans provides you assistance with the direct and indirect costs of cancer and other crirical illness.
  • 4 Group Term Life
    An inexpensive plan to aid in the protection of your family with life insurance coverage.
  • 5 Accident Insurance
    Protects you and your family 24 hours a day against the additional expenses associated with accidental insurance.
  • 6 Dental Insurance
    Assists with the high costs of dental care and assures a better chance of regular checkups.
  • 7 Vision Insurance
    Supplements the cost of eye care by assisting with eye exams, lenses/frames or contacts.
  • 8 Long Term Care
    Provides assistance for individuals when they are unable to care for themselves.